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The Mother Of Humanity® Monument Project: ARK Jammers pushes on…..


Dr. A Lang   2016-04-02

Nijel and His team welcoming Avline in Los Angeles on April 1st, 2016

Last February, World renowned artist and Los Angeles-based portrait sculptor Nijel Binns, President and CEO of Nijart International, LLC, led a delegation of 7 people to Yaoundé, Cameroon and met with Cameroon Prime Minister Philemon Yang and other state officials to consider an offer of 80 hectares of land to Nijart International for the construction and development of a 95 meter tall sculptor/observation tower known as the Mother of Humanity® Monument and a surrounding themed park, Motherland.

Avline Ava, President and CEO of ARK Jammers landed in Los Angeles this evening of April 1st. She and Nijel Binns are commencing a tour of the United States this month. They’ll begin in Los Angeles, where they will meet with political leaders, and celebrity superstars who are supporting what will become the largest monument in Africa.

ARK Jammers is a proud Benevolent Partner of the MoH® Monument Foundation in this global initiative. The organization offers benevolent assistance to the MoH® Monument Foundation in many fields including: Communication Strategy, Lobbying, Project Branding and Management, Anthropology, Education and Research, Music and Arts, Architectural Design, Homeland Security.





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